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It is common knowledge that Morocco enjoys good relations with the European Union, and that the special relationship between France and Morocco are improving all the time. That’s why French Lawyers assume their mobility between the two countries. We can’t wait too long before jumping the bandwagon. After 30 years of experience as business Lawyer in Morocco, and former member of the bar of Quebec (Canada), we have decided to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to business consulting in France. Combining our knowledge of business Law with our extensive experience allows us to support our clients with the request efficiency as we know where difficulties may arise in practice. With that, we’re able help them start and grow their business, especially in response to rapidly changing global respects!

Dual expertise:

We are in continuous consultation with our notary in France to serve our clients at large !

We have extensive experience in every aspect of business and corporate law

That is why, we know where difficulties may arise in practice !

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In Morocco and in France !

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